Let the brain reboot …

So amidst this chaos of studying, what I like to do to relax is … blog. 😛

Need I say more?

Though I feel lately that my level of eloquence is severely deteriorating as I’ve become accustomed to drowning myself in medical jargon on a daily basis until I forget whatever else I was doing.

Whatever, it’s still what I love to do.

Yet I could use a break from it every now and then … it helps to let the brain rest and relax prior to recharging it for full force action!!

After writing somewhat of a lengthy email to a friend today, it made me realize that people all have their differences but it’s truly how you handle them that alters the result. In the end, if you are truly honest with the situation and explaining it to someone you love who may have misinterpreted your intentions, it is rare to see a bad result (unless someone is so begrudging about not letting go of it).

However, when disagreements and arguments do occur, let’s face it, it’s not always fun. It’s still a part of life nonetheless.

This new year (I know I’m going off topic here), I wish only to be as happy as I’d been the previous year …. and if the universe decides to throw in a few more surprises there, it wouldn’t hurt either. 😉 All I know is that, I’ve been lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends who support me in and out, no matter what. It is truly a blessing to have such great people in my life (and one extra more just starting a month ago hehehe). I am happy to be here and more than excited to move forward into the year of 2011 ….. cheers to the future of all good things to happen!!

Oh and I really want an SLR … just saw my uncle’s photos from my grandma’s and I have to admit the tremendous difference in photo quality from my camera!!


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