Self restraint is overrated …

Is exactly what I told myself as I bought these Mackenzie flat boots from Coconuts by Matisse ….

Hehe, I don’t care if I live down South, I think I can pull these babies off on a chilly day!! Love the buckles and I’ve been in search for a pair of flat boots …. not to mention, this pair was 50% off with free 2-day shipping from!!! Of course that wasn’t what I’d told my mom when she said you don’t need anymore boots considering how warm it gets where you live …

Ooooo but still …. I’ve developed a truly newfound love for boots like no other.

Oh yes and just for fun, this is a photo that I took at the restaurant after my birthday dinner because I just so happen to love daisies (gerbera daisies to be exact). Interestingly, the name of the restaurant we’d gone to was called Bistro Daisy. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday party and the restaurant itself was in a not-so-obvious location on the popular Magazine St. of New Orleans which made it that much memorable that we went there on my special day. 🙂


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