Readjusting ….

Sorry for the lack of blogging though I would be surprised if I’ve disappointed many. 😉 But that is the beauty of my blog, the small population of attention it gets …. sometimes I like to share my thoughts without being so obviously detected by the radar.

But anyway, things have picked up pace since I returned from home. Not to mention my recent relationship went into total shambles as I realized the person I’d been dating turned out to be …. well, exactly the same person I’d broken up with previously. Only then I thought I’d moved too quickly in deciding that we weren’t right for each other. I came to thinking that he might actually really like me for who I am … turns out it wasn’t the case. Not to belabor bad events, it all worked out as I’m in no position to provide entertainment for others so if they can’t be understanding of my circumstances, screw them. It’s just … disappointing when you have this small warm dream that you hope to cultivate someday but it keeps getting shot down with the larger number of idiots you keep encountering.

On another note, the jet lag continues to linger as there isn’t a specific work place I’ve been heading out to. My current time is being spent on studying, reading papers for research and the next step in boosting my resume to the best I can!! Because by golly, I am going to become a doctor …. and a good one at that. The first few days were a bit hectic as the plan for what my next step would be was quite vague but as the loose ends began to tie together, I could feel the prospect of things slowly pulling together. The sudden change in living environment was also difficult to bear with initially after being at home and getting accustomed to the company of my parents … even though it didn’t feel that much different at the time. It’s odd how the lack of presence of a human being can really be noticed but not as much the other way around. Nonetheless, I’m in a better place now aside from the constant drowsiness that kicks in during the early evening times which by then, I’m in no condition to further study anymore.

I realized that despite recent crazy events, I myself as a person have not changed much … I’m glad for the person I am today and even though I have further hardships to endure, I am gaining the confidence that all will be all right.


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