My new list of eye candies.

Soooo …. as a major fan of the show Glee and watching all these previews for the movie I Am the Number Four, I have designated three young hotties of whom I have developed massive crushes on.

Let’s start with:

Harry Shum, Jr.!!! Aka Mike Chang on the show Glee ….


My gosh I have been in love with this man since I saw his moves in all the Step Up movies …. I have a weakness for Asian guys who know how to pull ridiculous dance moves … in fact, for a while, I’d get hooked on watching break dance videos of competitions in Europe and Asia and recently America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. And Harry set up his own YouTube channel with a handful of videos he filmed of him dancing!! Can you say heaven? Of course, I immediately subscribed and in hopes of getting a little closer to him, also friend requested him hehehehe …. he probably thinks I’m just another crazy Asian coming after him (which probably isn’t far from the truth). But I still want to have your dancing, Chinese-speaking (and also Korean-speaking hahaha) babies, Harry!!!

Darren Criss aka Blaine from Glee


Can you say smooth? My gosh, if I were a straight guy and Darren sang to me, I’d turn gay just to hear him sing to me more. I don’t know what was going through that wavy haired dude’s head from last night’s episode but HOW can you turn down such a gorgeous creature whose magnificent voice can change even a female pop group’s song into the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard?! How HOW?!?! Gosh I do hope things work out between him and Kurt …. Curly or straight, I think any hairstyle works for this guy.


And last but most definitely not least Alex Pettyfer.


Ok so this one is taken to be wed at some point to the lovely Dianna Agron but I can still look, can’t I? 😉 I have a soft spot for male blondies (ever since Devon Sawa in Casper)!! Though I have yet to watch him in action, the constant preview of I Am the Number Four in my face – particularly with this scene in the above picture – every time I watch Glee has made my heart throb at the sight of this fine young specimen. 🙂

Ok now calm down Sara …. men are human beings too hehe.


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