New changes.

So I’ve constantly followed a theme of a background of dark colors, either navy or black. But now as we’re approaching springtime, I figured I’d switch to something a little brighter (so I went for the option of …. white hehe). I also like this layout because it styles the entries to be bigger and wider for the readers. I felt my previous layout was a bit narrow.

But anyway, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!! Do you have any Vday plans in mind? Whether it be with that special someone, a friend, a loved one, family members, etc?


For me, this year, I’ll be spending it with one of my closest friends/my current roommate. In the past, my friends and I would term Valentine’s Day the Singles’ Awareness Day … unfortunately, it also bred a lot of heartbreak for girls who expected to receive something special on this day but instead got disappointment …. I say, too much pressure on one day!!

But despite my past experiences of spending this love day single, I have to say I have always been loved on it and have received gifts each year. This year shall be no different.

I just realized this morning as a result of having been so busy, I forgot that this day was something I used to call Singles’ Awareness Day without thinking twice. Rather, I was looking forward to the dinner reservations I had made for Monday to spend with my great friend who has been standing by me through thick and thin.

And in the end, isn’t that what really counts? Having people you love around you on this special day (though I have to say, not as special as Christmas!!) rather than the expectations of having a particular someone? Sure that’s exciting but let’s face it … Valentine’s Day has always been about love. 🙂 And it always will be for me.

So I am enjoying the new Valentine’s Day Hallmark commercials (was it Hallmark? I believe it was …) where they talk about mornings are not about making your bed but about letting those around you know that you love them … and the new slogan “I love us” (not just you).

I will be back on VDay (hopefully … or even before then).



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