Spring is almost here…..

It most certainly is … and to kick into the theme of it, you can see my computer desktop background is of a zoomed gerbera daisy (my favorite flower). Oh yes and that flower right in front of your face, that’s a fake one … that I picked up at a medical school prom event hehehe (once I put it in my hair, I just thought you’re mine!! Ooooohh the little photo projects I can do with you …) and the glass vase it’s in is actually a small coke bottle I got as a souvenir from the Coca Cola Factory in Atlanta, GA. 🙂

Oh the desire to be girly again!! I’m back into my phase of wanting pink and white things ….. not necessarily purchases but rather just the feeling of those two colors …. go figure, just in time for Valentine’s Day!! Hehehe.

Oh yes and another thing …. I’m now heavily considering a pet adoption in residency. Most likely a cat? But we shall see when we get there …. I’m more of a dog person but knowing how often I’ll be able to be at home, I feel a cat would be a better option (or a cat that acts like a dog?? ;-)).


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