Is something I tend to feel possibly more easily than others.

Despite my passion to do certain things, I have had the experience where fear has held me back. I would need another reason to overcome that fear in order to move forward. Honestly, fear played a big part in holding me back when I initially applied for medical school. The concept itself was daunting and I was afraid I would not be able to survive the neverending workload of the life as a physician.

And I continue to feel that fear though it now shows up in different forms than before. Ironically though, when you push to do something you’re fearful of, you gain tremendous confidence of moving on to the next step. Hence, why things that scared me before are a total piece of cake now … but of course, there are new things that scare me.

So yes, I still do live in some form of fear as I move forward down this path called life. However, I am not willing to turn away from something with fear being the reason. It is uncommon for me to hate things but it is common for me to be scared of them. Yet it is not enough reason for me to totally give up on something.


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