Coach’s new spring collection.

This is my wishlist!!

The new spring collection at Coach is absolutely irresistable. 🙂

All the shiny pinkness!! I do look forward to acquiring something from them in the near future … this new collection is just too much to say no to.

So on another note, do you ever feel that you’re self doubting yourself? I feel despite my experience and how far I’ve come, there are still moments I have a lot of self doubt …. especially in the face of those whom I know are smarter than myself. I am aware that I myself am intelligent too but … there are moments where I doubt myself in believe that. When those moments arise, it becomes very hard to focus.

Unfortunately, I am one who gets swayed by other people’s opinions/intimidated by their opinions … though I have to say that I’ve definitely managed to find my ground and stand on it proudly. Honestly it may possibly because I lack the creativity to be original in something but rather, I prefer having guidelines or some guidance I can build upon. I don’t like to straight up copy someone but I like to get an idea of what is a good way to start something off. There are moments this long road called medical school and residency have really made me second guess myself, that I’m not good enough, that at times I really wish I knew more, could do better … but why can’t I?

And true, I immensely love my roommate for who she is and understand that she is tremendously brilliant. But let’s face it … living with someone like that, especially in your class, makes you feel like you’re living in someone’s shadow. The truth is, everyone experiences this, regardless of career, siblings, coworkers, etc ….. aaahhh but why do I feel at times it really can bring one down? I don’t want it to … and I’ve accepted we’re two very different people, that her choice of career is for reasons she believes in … and in truth, I don’t think I could enjoy the career she’s doing for very long but I can see the numerous perks behind it.

I just have to bring things into myself again, focus focus focus …. and realize that this is who I am and that I know what I want in this life … even if it means I may not be good as someone else. The most I can do is handle the situation as best as I can, try to show as much confidence as I can even though I may not be feeling it inside. Though we cannot control how well feel, it’s how you deal with these things that makes all the difference.


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