Bunnies and Muses.

This is clearly not my picture as I don’t own these adorable teacup sized bunnies (wish I did) … I acquired this picture so long ago (possibly beginning of college?) I have no idea what the source was. But just letting you know that I can’t take credit for this cute photo that fits so appropriately with the season!!

There are people out there who like to put their anger right up front and those like me, who … well used to kinda cork it up until it would just eat her alive. At least I’ve gotten better about that by being more assertive. However, honestly, I’m still not someone who can be comfortable with putting my anger out in public. The reasons are different now …. I don’t want to appear vulnerable or as though someone has struck a soft spot in me. Not only that, I also tend to react more slowly than the average person to something that makes me angry. I need time to assess the circumstances and really think, why am I angry? Or why am I upset? Plus, as someone who regardless of how much life may have jaded her, I still look for the best in people and that they’re never intrinsically filled with bad intentions (though some will suck, you just gotta be careful around those and this is how one advances from being naive/innocent about circumstances). And then once I’ve done a good sweep of evaluating, I can figure out how I’m going to feel … and it’s very different than from just letting emotions accumulate inside me. Rather, I have an idea of how I’ll take care of such similar situations in the future and that to me, is empowering. So I guess …. you can say I’m more cautious about how I express my anger these days? It’s different from just letting it sit inside you and you feel as though there’s nothing you can do about it.

The funny thing here is that I gave this sorta mini speech of what I’ve just written above to a group of psychiatric patients when I was on my psychiatry rotation as a rising third year. It was during one of those therapy group sessions where the social worker would try to talk to the patients in order to guide them as to how they can handle their anger. I chimed in and explained that there are still some of us who just aren’t comfortable with showing our emotions out in the open when we get angry … rather, we may choose a more hidden means to be aggressive about handling our emotions. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re bottling up everything inside. There’s a different method on how you can approach anything in this world and I feel that once you know what it is, keep a good grab onto it.

On another note, I’ll be attending the Mardi Gras parade Muses tonight!!


This Mardi Gras parade is known to be the one for the ladies with all its adorned shoe floats and girly beads (with a bunch of shoes dangling from them … not to mention heels!!!). I have yet to attend this parade itself because trying to get to a parade in New Orleans during Mardi Gras season is like trying to find a needle in a haystack …. you have to show up early and don’t expect to leave early. The ones I’ve attended previously were because the routes were within walking distance from where I lived hehehe. 😛 As it is my last year to attend parades with my friends (since most will be too busy next year), this is one exception I will be taking this Mardi Gras ….

Gosh it should be a nice mini break from all this studying and research … it’s been funny how much I’ve managed to stay away from all the Mardi Gras havoc this year (probably because I live on the side of town where maybe one or two major parades go through every year). I have to say, I’ve been extremely excited with how things have been picking up on my research side. I really think I chose the right primary investigator to work with as not only do we click well together but she has a significant amount of publications under her belt which can only help boost the chances of my work getting accepted and be recognized.

Aaand now it’s time to get back to work ….


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