True Friends.


One big thing I’ve learned throughout this chaos we call life … despite how my friends may appear to me, I am always willing to stand by them. We all make mistakes, we’re only human, you can’t condemn a person for life because of one mistake they made … as a friend, the most we can do is sit and listen.

Last night one of my close friends called and asked for advice from me as a confidant as he was stuck in the middle of a dilemma between my roommate (who is also another close friend of mine) and her ex (because he’s close friends with him also). As I heard the story, and it sounded like there had been a good number of messed up things exchanged between the two with my friend getting caught in the middle, I realized that as impartial as I wanted to be, I was still going to “side” with my roommate … but of course I wasn’t blaming her ex for how he felt about everything.

Let’s face it, relationships are complicating. We don’t always understand why things go down the way they do or why how the way one person feels never seems to permeate to another … then there’s the mystery as to how some other people make it so far. So usually my rule of thumb when discussing relationships with friends is, don’t get myself too heavily involved in either party’s perspective. Keep your middle ground while being willing to listen to what the other person tells you but don’t agree nor disagree. I wasn’t there, I wasn’t the one in the relationship, so who am I to judge? I may have my own opinion but let’s face it, I can never fully understand the extent of what the other party went through.

All I can do as a true friend is listen and stand by my friend’s side and make sure that he/she doesn’t send themselves down a road of destruction …. and be ready to pull them out when they are in a ditch.


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