Because we can never get enough of traveling!!

Places I hope to eventually visit:

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Aside from the fact that one of my horrendous exes’s homecity was here, I still would love to visit Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) of Vietnam. From what I’ve heard (from Andhari of Insomniac Lolita) it’s quite a different growing metropolis city that still retains a ton of its historical remnants. That and Vietnam from what I’ve heard is beautiful.


Italy (Florence, Rome, Venice)





Gosh every time I watch the Gladiator, it never fails to mesmerize me with its scenic portions … that and I absolutely love the soundtrack to the movie.


Greece (which city, I am not sure yet)


So tremendously scenic, with its pure blue waters and unique architecture of white domed buildings … how can you not travel to such a dreamy place like this??




Prior to my first trip to Europe, at my orientation, I was told that Switzerland is so gorgeous you can take a picture in any direction and it will come out like a postcard. Now if only I can actually be there than just seeing it in a postcard!!




Another ex’s hometown. Yes I’ve dated people from exotic places. 😛 Though that was a part of the perk!! Hehehehe … but anyhoo, Hawaii happens to also be up my list of places to visit. I’m seriously hoping to schedule an away rotation there (though I hear so many people get rejected because they all want a piece of Hawaii) … if not, visit it at some point for leisure.


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