Spring fever, a new Book Book, and Lady Gaga.

So just a brief update on what’s been going on the past week, basically my new BookBook that I won at Pretty Shiny Sparkly arrived in the mail (a lot more quickly than I’d expected!! Possibly faster than anything I’d ordered online previously 😛 and I paid for those things too), the three outfits I purchased at Forever 21 after going in a crazy frenzy from being able to not sit still (that and I have mad spring fever right now … I was determined to express it!!), and the Lady Gaga concert I went to last night.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it fits a MacBook as well!! I was so excited to see this. 🙂

Please excuse the following blurry photos … tis is the result of not having your personal photographer (or at least too shy to ask your roommate to do it for you hehehe).

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

(I cropped out my eyes because they weren’t open and apparently didn’t look very pretty :-P)

Truthfully, due to my upcoming exam, I wasn’t planning on going to this concert, possibly selling my ticket, but in the end, I decided to go as I’d purchased them a year ago and I really really like Lady Gaga’s old stuff and truly looked forward to seeing it live (that and my exam isn’t for another 2 weeks of which I’m getting sick of studying for) …. so as a stress reliever from all that studying, my roommate and I ventured out to see the Mother Monster herself. 🙂

And it was a fantastic performance!! Lady Gaga surely knows how to deliver. And when she’d speak in between performances, she was so down-to-earth (yes including all the cursing) and really poured her heart out to the fans. I never realized how truly talented she was!! The woman can sing (while dancing practically in full force while in insanely crazy five inch platforms and move around in them like they’re sneakers), play a mad piano, and write her own songs. I mean yes she’s had crazy music videos in the past and has established herself as a sex icon (though seemingly unintentionally) but last night when she performed a slow song that’s coming out on her new album, I realized that she is one true artist. She has a totally free way of expressing herself and that’s what’s gotten her to become so famous now.

Aside from some of the freakiness in the opening show, I loved loved loved her concert like no other.


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