PSS BDIB Assignment#1: Colorblocking

Dress made into a skirt: Banana Republic, Pink frilly sleeved top: The Limited, Belt: some discount store in Korea, shoes: Nine West

Hey Kristina, you asked for it, so I delivered!! (The best way I could even though it was me taking photos of myself hehehe.)

So when I read about this first assignment on color blocking, I was really skeptical as to whether I could pull it off or not as I don’t have too many bright colored bottoms (tops yes, bottoms not so). Sooo instead, I came up with this idea to pair a nice teal-colored dress I’d bought from Banana Republic a year ago with a lovely flirty shirt I bought from The Limited just recently and voila! An outfit was born …. don’t you just love surprises. 🙂 I might get the hang of this!! It was just way too fun …. (Although I could never wear this outfit out in public because it would just totally ruin the dress that was manipulated to become a skirt for me that day.)

I just discovered the crop option for photos. 😛

Now my outfit pictures look even bigger and you can see all their imperfections!! Nonetheless, I still hope you enjoy my experiment with them. 🙂

To see other fabulous colorblockers, go here: Pretty Shiny Sparkly, Colorblocking Challenge


4 thoughts on “PSS BDIB Assignment#1: Colorblocking

  1. Kasey says:

    cute outfit! you have the best legs…EVER!

  2. I really love the color of your dress worn as a skirt! 😀

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