The end to a long journey (at least for now).

So tomorrow I will be taking the medical licensing exam part 2 (yep sadly there are multiple parts to these exams in the road of becoming a physician and they are all at least 8 hours long …. part 3 is in fact 16 hours long, split into two days … do I love them? Not really …. I really think these exams could be shorter but sigh …. tis a part of life … at least my life hehe). I’ve come a long way to get to this point of preparing for this test, lots of emotional ups and downs with relationship breakups, not to mention people who drove me crazy, some gliches with my new research project, but all in all I survived and I will prevail. All of this couldn’t have been done without the support of my friends and family and of course my expression outlet, my baby blog right here.

You know how I started writing in this thing? My great friend from college Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly suggested the idea of me starting a blog as a way of us to keep in touch. Initially, I wasn’t sure about it as I’d shyed away from blogging for a while (I used to do Xanga and Blogger back in college hehe but that was also largely for social purposes …. though my Blogger blog stayed away from the spotlight of attention) and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was with people reading my thoughts online again. In the end though, I figured what harm could it do and this website was born.

Though I’m not as crazy advanced and hip and shiny as Kristina’s fantastic fashion blog (you gotta give the girl credit … she’s always been tremendously computer java, electronic savvy since college), I still enjoy having this space for me to express myself, away from the hospital setting, away from the scrutiny of Facebook (which I actually don’t use anymore from it’s tremendous amount of distraction …. though I don’t think it’s a bad thing, just the cons outweigh the pros for me to maintain it), just purely me and only me without worrying of the eyes of the audience (though I know there is one out there 😉 which I’m fine with!! As long as it’s not hitting too close to home).

All in all, after reading previous entries, I’ve realized how far I’ve come from previously in juggling everything I’ve needed to do and now I’m just overflowing with adrenaline for my big day tomorrow. I came this far, with the help of those I love, with my expression outlet of this blog, and as cheesy as it sounds with Glee (when I was in the biggest dumps of my life feeling the greatest burnout ever, that’s when I started watching the first season of Glee …. and believe it or not, the show’s theme really gave me courage and brought my spirits up, with the whole storyline of Quinn trying to survive high school while being pregnant and whatnot, a group of high school kids just trying to follow their passion despite the fact that they didn’t win the regional competition …. but to continue to love, to continue to survive, to move forward with your life, and believing in yourself).

So now all these things have even bigger meaning to me. Just wish me luck tomorrow. 🙂


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