Bread pudding!!!

Congratulations to two of my beloved friends L and R on their recent engagement!!

Well, that sure did answer a lot of buzzing questions such as when are those two getting engaged? They bought a house together but no ring yet? What’s going on??

Hehe, yes I was one of those people. Yet despite questions, I knew that their engagement was only a matter of time and that it would eventually happen … and of course, in surprising manner!! L and R, they are two of the greatest friends I’ve been lucky to have encountered in medical school. Their engagement is one of the greatest successful love stories I’ve come to hear about … and to think I was apart of it!! I truly have never been so happy for two of my closest friends in the world. I only wish for them the greatest happiness in their future and their career together in Albuquerque.

So I made the brave attempt to make a New Orleans original dish called bread pudding. It was for my friend’s surprise birthday party (yes this is the friend who also got engaged whose hand is in the above picture attached to that gorgeous ring) and I was suddenly tremendously motivated to truly bake something from scratch!! Luckily no one else decided to perform this feat so I was free to concoct this dessert up. The process was actually simpler than I’d expected and less laborious than baking cookies.

I will explain more of the recipe later but basically the above bowel contains a mixture of raisins, pecans, sugar, vanilla extract, coconut, eggs, milk, and crumbled stale french bread.

So once you mix all together, you then spread it out on a buttered baking pan.


Then you put the baking pan in the oven and wait for an hour and 15 minutes for it all to rise (I was watching the oven like a hawk for fear that something would go wrong) ….

Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do the final product much justice but it sure did taste like bread pudding!! The sauce on top is a whiskey sauce which I unfortunately used too much Crown for … it practically tasted like alcohol. 😛 Hence, Sara, you must taste the sauce before pouring all of the necessary alcohol into it!!

I was so excited to see my finished masterpiece. Gosh, I forget how fun cooking/baking can be …. I only tend to do it when I haven’t used my brain like crazy in a while hehe.

And there you have it!! Bread pudding from a recipe provided by the New Orleans School of Cooking. I never thought I would finally succeed in making a New Orleans dish. Next challenge up: gumbo. 🙂


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