BDIB Assignment #3: Prep School

Back from hiatus! Boy this past weekend has been crazy busy …. just running left to right, friends visiting, friends graduating, not staying at home for longer than 15 minutes becoming the norm …. gosh it was insanely chaotic and a change from when I’d been spending basically most of my day at home and finding an excuse to never leave my desk. Now the opposite … oh how the tides have changed …

So this week’s BDIB challenge was to do prep school style …. to be honest, this isn’t exactly a fashion style I’m totally in love with. There was a day ironically back when I was in middle school when wearing neckties was the in thing to do with fashion and yes, I totally sported one everyday. Now? Not so much …. yet I think the author of the challenge, Pretty Shiny Sparkly carries these challenges out with so much elegance and style regardless of whether I like it or not hehehe. Great props to her for being able to do this!! (Hence, why she is the big fashion blogger here ;-).)

However, I still gave it my best shot!! With a random tie my roommate bought and lent to me hehehe (what are the chances another female roommate would have the tie you need??!!).

vintage black velvet blazer, American Eagle skirt (super super old), roommate’s necktie, pink necklace from Korean flea market

Madden girl shoes, knee high socks that I actually wore in high school when I was at a private school for a year

Photos by my roommate DP.

So enjoy!! As the challenge wasn’t something I was used to doing, I still had fun with it. 🙂 That and it brought me memories of my old school uniform as this outfit seemed to sort of resemble it.

Check out more here!!

2 thoughts on “BDIB Assignment #3: Prep School

  1. Glad you had fun with it too. I really like your socks and shoes as well as your black jacket.

  2. Chloe says:

    I remember ironically wearing neckties in middle school, as well- so funny how we’ve come full circle. You pulled it off very nicely though and that velvet blazer is gorgeous!

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