So this past memorial day weekend, my roommate and I did a last minute road trip to Austin, TX as she’s never visited the city (a good way to end her vacation time prior to her buckling down for residency) and I can never get enough of Austin. 🙂

It was interesting, though I’d just been there back in November, I never realized how odd it felt being back in the city where I’d attended undergrad and also resided in a few years as a child. Sure, I felt a bit disoriented but this time when I was there, I got a chance to familiarize myself again with the city and all the memories flooded towards me like a waterfall coming down.

And it kind of made me a little sad. The odd bittersweetness you feel when you miss a place yet you can’t be too sad for the changes because you only know you’re heading towards a brighter future. I could pinpoint places of where certain events occurred yet it was weird to not see the people around anymore. Granted UT Austin is one of the largest universities in the nation, just not having those people around made the city seem … a little void. Of course, it was completely vibrant and hopping with people, just not those I’d shared my memories with.

Otherwise, it was still a fantastic weekend. As being the anal personality who absolutely has to plan activities out, I had a list of potential things we could do when we arrived in Austin. Unfortunately, the scorching heat prevented us from being able to do more than we could. Yet it was still fun and here are just a few highlights from it:

– bike riding from downtown to South Austin (most painful from the heat and lack of shade …. can you believe this city is 10 degrees hotter than New Orleans? Though the humidity is less, the direct sunlight was extremely painful) and to the kayaking center

– visiting my childhood neighborhood

– crashing some random person’s post wedding boat party (long story short, my friend whom we had stayed with invited us to a boat party prior to our arrival in Austin … of course we didn’t realize it was a post wedding party until we got to Austin and even afterwards he kept insisting it was ok for us to attend as it was practically a college reunion for him and his friends …. though we felt terrible …. in the end, we were “wedding” crashers 😛 eventually figured out who the bride was towards the end of the party and by then it was too chaotic to tell her thank you … or even introduce ourselves for that matter :-P)

– amazing food trucks!! It seems to be the new trend in Austin now … 🙂

– seeing my undergrad …. always bittersweet


Gosh this summer’s has picked up a busy start for me!! Just with work, weddings … not so much travel anymore but that will most definitely pick back up again in November. Time is flying by!!! Not enough time to stop and smell the roses … 😛


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