My new goals ….

Only because I have the time for it now!!

Well so now that I’ve made two sets of bread pudding, my next goal is:

Red Fish Grill’s Double Chocolate Pudding

That thing is the most decadent piece of dessert I have ever laid eyes on or have even sunk my teeth into …. the best part is the first bite when you get through the bread crust with the ice cream and crazy amount of chocolate …. it’s devilish I tell you, devilish!!

And from the recipe probably pretty bad for you … which is why the last time I’d eaten this was about a month ago and I’ll probably be baking it for my roommate on her birthday (which is another month from now … but I’m excited to get to it!!).

I sometimes find baking to be simpler than cooking …. maybe because it’s more of a science? I don’t know maybe because you don’t have to constantly check how everything is flavored in with the salt and sugar and whatnot …. though I feel that people have said baking is tougher (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here).


Next objective :

I’ve been craving a Canon EOS Rebel for the longest while and I think I’ve come to my final decision. I plan to buy the Canon EOS Rebel T1i. From reviews I’ve read, it’s a very good camera for amateur photographers, has video features on it, and is lighter than the previous versions (the XS to be exact)? Don’t know if it’ll make a large difference but if someone said that in a review, I’ll take it!! I’ll feast my eyes on this a little longer mostly because I’m terribly broke this month prior to buying it the next month. 🙂


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