Short wedding dresses

What a revolutionary concept!!

Granted I think long wedding dresses are absolutely gorgeous and have a definite elegance factor to them … but I’ve found long dresses to be very irritating as I’m constantly thinking about how they’re getting dirty and what mess they’re picking up from the floor …. that and I have less freedom to move about.

However, if the dress length stopped at above the knee, I’d find that style to be way too casual for a wedding. I’d still want more elegance yet a touch of flirty funness to it.

If in the future, I had the right setting (spring/summer time, outdoor wedding), I’d totally wear a short wedding dress for my wedding.

When I finally have a wedding to plan for myself that is hehehe.

But of course to make up for the shorter length, it would definitely be helpful to have shoes with a more elegant touch and possibly even a bit of a pattern to the dress to make it seem less summer/bridesmaid’s dress style.

I personally think the last photo hits the nail to what I find to be a decently elegant short wedding dress (of which I’d love to wear).


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