Something old, something new.

There is a time in every person’s life when you really have to weigh out the materials living in your closet … this probably applies heavily towards girls since we love to have options and be able to have more than one thing because hey, fashion is our expression outlet and how can you do fashion without options??

So last night one of my best friends K had donated her new and unused jewelry display shelf to me mostly because she knew she wouldn’t be able to use it herself but she did not have the heart to throw the newly acquired item out. Me being the one who doesn’t mind getting free stuff that I don’t own and may find a use for, gladly took it.

And so last night I organized all the jewelry I owned onto this white display shelf. I came across jewelry I still wear, that I barely glance at, and those that I still hold onto for the day I might think of to wear it (though I think my rate of buying new jewelry is probably higher). It’s kind of nice to see everything out in the open rather than stuffed away in tiny boxes. I feel like I kind of have my own jewelry store and am displaying everything for sale.

I kind of came to the realization of how my shopping style had changed back from my early 20’s to now. I used to just sporadically buy anything I found cute (with heavy consideration of course as I wasn’t much of a impulsive shopper). Now it’s more of the outfit, the matching of items and this has made it harder for me to just buy any pair of earrings off the shelf …. though overall, I find earrings the most convenient piece of jewelry to match with outfits.

Or is it that …. my sense of style has toned down?? I definitely go for the classy, not so wacky, loud look anymore. I like the Jackie Kennedy style of pearls and a stylish conservative dress …. not so flashy jewelry but simple enough to complement an outfit.

It’s interesting to see the types of people we mold into as time goes by. Though we understand we continue to change, it’s satisfying to finally realize who you are, what you want out of life, and what you can live without with.

Overall, there was some nostalgia seeing everything I’d accumulated over the years … and then the realization that I needed to get rid of some stuff. 🙂


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