I finally got her!!

And am looking forward to meeting her ….

This is the new Canon EOS Rebel T3.

I will be receiving it within the next two business days, I’m so excited!! A new toy for me to play with …. I had originally planned on getting the T1i model but weighing the options, seeing that I’m really an amateur photographer doing this for fun, and the fact that when it comes to SLR photography, it really is the lens that matters than the body (I think moreso for the amateurs), I chose this alternative instead. That and though it’s bigger than the T3, it’s also lighter and not to mention a whopping $100 less expensive. 🙂 The LCD is a little smaller (2.7″ vs. 3.0″ of the T1i) and the resolution is less (12.2 MP vs. 15.1 MP) but from the reviews I read, the lower MP is what works better with the lens that comes with the camera. Being someone who is willing to initially work with the camera itself rather than jump for the big guns lenses yet, I will be more than happy to have a less expensive camera that takes beautiful pictures because of the favorable matching between the MP of the camera and the lens type.

And after this, when I get the time, I’ll research more into everything else but for now … can’t wait till Wednesday!!


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