End of summer …


Though temperature wise I don’t think we’ll be feeling much of a difference here down south.

I’m kind of both nervous and excited about how things are going to change in the next few months …. I will submit my application, start playing the waiting game, and let the interviews come in … I swear I’ve been waiting for this for so long. It’s been a long journey coming this far and now I’m ready to take the next leap in my life forward.

(I continue to work on my eye makeup skills 🙂 I swear it’s like your eyes are a canvas and you can do whatever you can to sculpt them better!!)

I am honestly getting a bit homesick. Granted I was just home 6 months ago (for most that will probably feel like a long time but I’ve become accustomed to going home once a year) … summer weather makes me nostalgic quite often because it was the time I was always used to going home.

My goal is to return this upcoming February (hopefully I’ll be done with all my interviews by then!!) in time for the Lunar New Year.

I had a dream last night of having my own pet puppy. I think it is the result of a friend’s recent house party where two of the cutest dogs were running around, desperate for attention from the guests. I especially was fond of the one who kept bringing her squeaky chew toy and expecting me to play tug of war with her. They really are (wo)man’s best friend!!


One thought on “End of summer …

  1. Kristina says:

    you are so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

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