The month of October.

So this past week and weekend have been a crazy frenzy of rain from tropical storm Lee. I have been in fear of flooding my car every time I drive out to somewhere in the city … however, it did not hamper all my plans!!! I just hope this all seriously tapers off by mid this week ….

Funny story behind these photos … I originally had changed to go out for dinner with some friends who came in town and I hadn’t seen since they graduated this past May. Unfortunately, the drenching rain was so terrible I was afraid driving to the destination restaurant would be too dangerous. However, as I’d put much energy into my eye makeup (as per use hehehe), I decided to document what I was wearing through photos. Nonetheless, I was too lazy to pull out my tripod hence the self shots using a mirror. 😛 A bit backwards when it comes to technology? Perhaps …. at least I am aware of what I can use.

In the end, after I changed and removed all my make up, the rain subsides and I find out one of my best friends is going out and I haven’t seen her in 2 weeks … or have been really out with her since a little after her wedding. So I changed back into this entire outfit and applied my eye make in 30 minutes …. yes that sounds long but it is also how much time I devote to my eye make up. 🙂

On another note, I will be going to Philadelphia in October!! I’m super excited as it is my first time in the city and I’m hoping to impress the people on my away rotation so as to land a spot at their program. The best part of it all? I found a nonstop flight!!! Life cannot get better than this … 🙂 I’m still in debate as to whether I should take my nice camera there though that will be a lot of unpacking when I go through security at the airport.


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