The waiting game.

Speaking of games ….

I finally went to my first ever Saints game (against the Chicago bears)!! (Or any regular NFL season football game …)

It was amazing!!! Saints games are by far the funnest games I’ve ever been too … and when you’ve been in a city like New Orleans for almost five years, you can’t help but get sucked into the culture. It is just so much fun and exciting!! I got two tickets that weren’t outrageously priced and took my roommate’s coworker’s wife (yes a lotta jumping through people there … but she is a great girl to hang out with and I’d originally promised to take her to a game so here I got to keep it!!).

That is one beautiful beautiful football field … I would love to just roll around in it (not right after games though … probably after they cleaned it if they ever do :-P).

On another note, the waiting game has begun for myself and many medical students applying to residency currently. It is a neverending neurotic process … I probably check my email thousands of times a day (though that’s probably not much different from the norm … I just didn’t feel as neurotic about it before) and just wait for certain schools to get back to me. And having fellow medical students nearby talking nonstop about their interview invites is not a pleasant experience either … one of the relieving reasons I gladly left Facebook and have never regretted it. Too many distractions to make me lose my focus when having it is the most crucial thing I can do for myself right now. I’m not a hardcore gunner who likes to get ahead at any expense but if I could present myself in the best light I could – even if it means hiding some flaws – I totally would. First impressions count big, people!!

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to enjoy the last bits of New Orleans as I can this year while I have the time. I’m definitely trying to attend all the events that I may have missed out in the past five years … the tricky part is finding someone to enjoy it with as my best friends from medical school are all in residency now even the ones in New Orleans so I may see their faces like once every 2 weeks … (not counting the roommate … though she’s tremendously busy right now too). So we shall see!! Instead, I bought these boots from because I wanted a pair of flat, plain ones with no wraps around them and whatnot …

Night Owl by Chinese Laundry

A bit on the more expensive side considering what I’ve paid for boots in the past … but it was still under $100!!! And from Zappos so free shipping too … 🙂 Gotta love boots!! We’ll see how these do for me … but yes I need to avoid buying any more of these cuz I did purchase a lot last year. 😛


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