Is that what I should call it?

Ironically this time it’s for New Orleans … not necessarily because I’m not enjoying Philly. This city is totally awesome and the residents I’ve met so far are amazing. I really do hope I get the opportunity to interview while I’m here as this program is really catching my eye and no resident has bashed it so far, all of them love it … I couldn’t ask for more in a residency program myself.

Otherwise, I’m just feeling a little … lonely I guess? I don’t know why, I’ve been meeting up with old friends when I can and exploring the city with every opportunity I get! It’s awesome how everything is concentrated within walking distance but it’s not too chaotic to drive with a car (unlike New York, ladies and gentlemen). However, every now and then, when you have rested yourself, you feel a bit of emptiness and wonder where that void is coming from. I do think it is from mild homesickness …. or New Orleans homesickness. I wonder if that’s a sign that I’ve really gotten used to one city so much I start to miss it more than I expected myself to ….

On another note, my friends and I will be exploring the night market tonight in Chinatown. I’m excited as I only saw a little bit of Chinatown the last time I went out! This weekend I might hit up the “mall” too … or the strip where all the clothing stores are. I must avoid making too many purchases though as my second luggage bag has hit its limit …. it’s starting to make me consider buying a second one. 😛


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