The iPhone 4s.

Ok so this image is actually of the iPhone 4 but you get my drift here (since both phones look so similar). A fellow I’ve been working with recently has been raving about the new 4s nonstop. And he showed me a clip that advertises the Siri system where through dictation this phone will send your texts and send your emails. I see the great appeal of this rather than having to press all the buttons that you need … but then I thought, have we all really gone to the point where we need our texts to be dictated? Why not just call the person for a change … I don’t know. I’m not exactly anti-technology, I’m always for taking advantage of it when we can but I get a feeling that it’s become a large middle “man” of communication between people. I mean maybe I’m touching on that one aspect of texting but I feel like technology as made things so convenient it’s to the point where … you can avoid any form of direct communication with a real human being. I don’t know …. granted I’m still inclined to buy this new phone. 😉 Maybe the bells and whistles won’t make me as detached from civilization as I think it might? We shall see …. I still have another month till I start my new contract with Verizon.

One thought on “The iPhone 4s.

  1. Rochelle R says:

    I’m getting the iphone 4S this week . I can’t wait will let you know what I think 🙂 I’m replacing my blackberry cause of all the problems they’ve been having.

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