Best time of my life.

So I am on my last day of my research poster presentation trip in San Diego and it has been one of the most exciting trips of my life. I was chosen to present my research at a national meeting!!! It was incredible seeing much more experienced physicians come up and inquire about my research … It was intimidating as well as they critiqued it also but I like to believe criticism is constructive as long as it is relayed properly. The speakers were amazing and only further showed how I would love to become a part of the hematology-oncology community. This experience heavily corroborated my decision to pursue this career choice of mine.
I just can’t believe that I made it this far … It is such a tremendous honor to have this opportunity for my research to be published though in a small abstract form. I am exhausted but this experience has been extremely exhilarating. It is still hard to believe how far I have come over this past year.
And you know what?
I realized that I love research … Clinical research to be exact not basic science research. I love the idea of contributing to the medical community, understanding the most up to date treatments and seeing the practice of medicine progress to better our patients. These were the reasons I could keep up with my recent project I won $500 for!! Very small amount but it is SOMETHING nonetheless …

Now if only match day could be just as joyous I will be set for the next 3 years …


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