The Holidays.

Time really does fly by. I feel especially now with holidays coming up, time will only move by faster. Now with me flying in and out of town on interviews, waiting in line to get on planes, waiting in line to get off …. I feel as though I’m in another world sometimes compared to those around me. But I’m guessing that’s a normal thing?

Regardless … I’m excited for the holidays! It actually feels like it came faster than expected this year … usually I’m pretty well absorbed into the holiday season but I felt moreso like I was rushed to decorate our apartment, write cards, and buy a flight to visit family. Thanksgiving really did feel like it came and went and I basically squeezed the juice out of interviewing since then along with my research presentation I had to do. It’s all a really great experience, just this flying is getting me tremendously exhausted (not to mention I was on an extra tiny plane on my last flight returning from Chicago). At least I finally got a week’s worth of rest!!! Thank goodness~~~

Also, I’m on schedule to travel to Romania from late March till early April!! It’s for a volunteering trip with my medical school but also a lot of travel of eastern Europe involved … can’t wait!! I really don’t think I’ll have another opportunity to visit eastern Europe after this though 20 hours of flying and another 6-8 hour bus ride after flying sounds absolutely horrendous. That is by far the worst amount of traveling I would have done ….

At least I’ll get another taste of what call would be like, just on a plane ….


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