The New Year 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!

I still am in disbelief that the new year has officially arrived. Everything seems to have just whirlwinded through – I feel since October I lost track of time and felt like I was just going through the motions – and now we are at a new start, people!

Let me just say, this year started off rocky with its ups and downs but I really think it was those moments that made me emerge as stronger woman and the person I am now. I could not be in a better place and I am so tremendously thankful to have had such a wonderful year with amazing friends and family. Without them I could not have survived this far and 2011 was definitely one gamechanging year.

Not to say that 2012 will be any less of year in the least! I am determined to make it another fabulous year, maybe not with such defining resolutions but moreso learning everyday and focusing on how I can better myself.

So for this new year’s eve, my friends and I ended up dropping a significant amount of $$$ to attend a private party held at a dressy club here in New Orleans. This isn’t really my normal style of celebrating New Year’s hence why I was excited about the idea of wearing pretty dresses and making myself presentable before everything went downhill from the alcohol intake (and seeing how all of our tolerances have dropped significantly). It was very fun, the music was great, though I wasn’t so thrilled about the alternating between eating and drinking part … it was either I could have food or I could have alcohol but not both at once. This wasn’t a rule of the club’s, it was moreso because I didn’t have enough hands to transport anything around. Overall, I was ecstatic to be able to wear my glowing red dress I purchased from BCBG outlet (that was a huge question was to where I would wear the dress to) for a holiday event!!

Just some photos from the night’s festivities:

As you can see the theme was masquerade ….


On a side note, I’ve felt as though lately the busyness of my life has kind of put me in a strange daze of which I’m moving through the motions of life like everything’s a to-do list I need to check off. My enthusiasm for things has begun to wane a bit and I find this emotion a little disturbing. I really do hope it has something to do with the holidays (and a less willingness to want to do stuff when the holidays roll around). When I am back home, I am constantly thinking of the next thing I need to take care of, whether it be groceries or just some crafts supplies that I just bought to design tickets for our fundraiser (for a trip to Romania I’ll be going on with other medical and graduate school students!! Now this I am tremendously excited about …. though the fact that people have been less responsive lately with regards to planning has gotten me in a slight aggravated tizzy). The best word I could use to describe myself I suppose would be I feel sort of “blah” when I do things.

Some things I do notice I’ve enjoyed moreso recently than before … I definitely have become more appreciative of spending one on one time with people. I like that someone is interested enough to ask me about how I’ve been doing and it gives me the opportunity to express myself. As I’d been hanging out in group settings several times lately, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been really talking as much (probably because it’s also a bunch of guys) as I feel that the others have more to say than I do (or do they? I really would like to chatter up to, guys …).

This past Christmas, I actually spent it with my uncle’s family in California and I have to say it was the best time I’ve had in a long time. It wasn’t necessarily mind blowingly crazy or insane but rather …. quiet and slow enough for me to reflect and just really absorb myself into one activity. I can feel my focus get fragmented when I come home. There are just so many distractions, so many things to take care of …. it seems as we grow older, we have to become better multitaskers because there always seems to be something out there that we haven’t taken care of … sigh. But nooo when I was in California, none of this butted in because well I wasn’t exactly in my own space either. So I didn’t have access to things that would tremendously fragment my mind. And guess what? I finished an entire novel (I guess it depends on how you would classify a book called Freakonomics? Which by the way, is a fantastic book though I don’t 100% agree with all Levtiz’s theories but it is interesting to read about) in a week!! Or less than a week because I picked up that novel 1-2 days after I’d arrived in California. Also, I finally finished Time Traveler’s Wife (also another great book, definitely more graphic but in an aesthetically appealing sense compared to the film). And I discovered a thing or two on the side that I really enjoy (comical sketches done by Ms. Natalie Tran on YouTube … her style of humor is so appealing to me) and having the chance to rebond with my younger cousins again (well at least with the one who stayed at home longer). Overall, I just learned so much more of the dynamic changes that had been going on in my family and it was just …. terrific. Not necessarily the changes but for me to rekindle my close relationship with the closest family I have in the States.

I am determined to not let life just rush me by. It is hard but you do have to let yourself have a moment or two to yourself when the going gets rough … otherwise, there’s really no other way to survive through this busy life.

And it’s been a tremendous while since I’ve updated on this blog, eh? Same concept, I’ve just not been able to sit myself down and really organize my thoughts.

But here I am.

Happy New Year’s, everyone!!



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