It’s the next BDIB!!!

And in light of Valentine’s Day, the challenge is …. RED.

At first, I was stuck in a dilemma as I’m currently away from home on vacation with nothing red on me except for a cheap old shirt which I was actually going to use if all had failed … then I realized, I’d just bought a new pair of red flats!! So, ho ho, Kristina, this is my response to your challenge in saying that I accept!!

Behold! A new pair of flats that I bought at a large discount store in Korea … I absolutely love them as I don’t own many flats (because most turn out to be really uncomfortable or somehow pinch my feet badly) and this is my first red pair as well.

I am sorry but all these photos will be faceless as I did not have a matching outfit to go with these shoes … instead you get to enjoy the little bits of the top of my feet exposed while inside the shoe. 😛

Aaaand the original colors of the shoes (unedited version) look like this:

I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Ironically, I’m currently reading Son of a Witch (the sequel to Wicked). Not sure how I feel about the book yet but it’s been entertaining enough to keep me going.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone (as it is that day here)!! Share it with your loved ones and let them know how much you love them!!


One thought on “It’s the next BDIB!!!

  1. Imogen says:

    They are beautiful. I have a weakness for red shoes. That’s why I own about five or six pairs.

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