New and Familiar things ….

are what I’ve tended to pursue lately. Now with a limited time left to really enjoy myself (or is it a result of age as well?), I’m only willing to pursue new things of where I have an inkling of whether I’ll enjoy it or not. It seems a little more difficult recently to feel crazy exhilarated after doing something I truly enjoy. I wonder if it’s because it involves a lot of coordinating people to get together (which doesn’t always work out to a tease so a lot of the time, I’m doing stuff on my own) and sometimes it’s really just having the people around to hang out with you that makes for a good time.

I’ve noticed recently that just because something is “free” doesn’t necessarily attract me to pursue it. I am moreso willing to put my energy into something I’ve been terribly craving for and may be partially obsessing over. That’s when I know I’ll at least feel some form of ultimate satisfaction of getting what I want. 😉 It seems recently I’ve been experiencing spurts of random cravings that I absolutely must satisfy …. or else I’ll be obsessing for a while. That is of course these cravings are within reason for me to pursue (for instance if I can afford it $$$wise …). I don’t know if it’s the jitters of waiting for D-Day to happen next week or just because I’m back at home, taking care of myself and doing work again for a change, I feel this need to reward myself (even when I haven’t really done anything …. but that’s why they’re called cravings).

Or is it the arrival spring?

I can’t explain it but there is an increase in things I’ve been wanting lately (music, clothes, food, drinking with friends hehehe etc) during a time I should try to avoid spending too much $$$ ….

Yet it is the last time I can enjoy the company of my friends like I’m doing now so I will take advantage of this opportunity!!

Let’s just say, as of right now, I just want something I want rather than something I need.

I’ll be livin’ the life for the next 2 weeks for now !!!

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

That’s what I’ll be celebrating (in addition to the main thing I’ll be celebrating) in a week!! CAN’T WAIT !!!!

(Obviously this isn’t a photo I took … it is from the Bed and Breakfast Inns of New Orleans website, if you click the photo, you will get led there!)


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