Life on the wards.

So I am aware I’ve been on quite the hiatus (moving to a new city, preparing for a new career, etc etc …. it’s been a busy several months already) and I apologize though I don’t think my blog particularly attracts the heavy amount of traffic some awesome fashion blogs do … which is fine with me because this has been made to be my own personal space. =)

Just a quickie on what I’ve been experiencing lately:

When can you say enough is enough for the number of procedures you place a patient through and finally say just let them go? I’m having this experience recently of which one of my current patients whom despite the fact I’m not particularly fond of because her family has already stirred a ruckus within the hospital with the staff, I actually feel very sorry for. She is just one very sick lady and though you don’t tend to enjoy seeing patients who hate talking to doctors, for me, seeing her, I just can’t help it but feel that enough is becoming enough. It seems with every turn through the way of treating her, another new problem arises. I feel like there will always be a new operation waiting for her until the day she finally breathes her last breath.

And though, as a physician, my duty to my patients is to give the best treatment possible for them to survive …. what if the case is that the best treatment is to not do anything at all? It’s not that surgeries and procedures and biopsies are what will cure someone … they will treat a problem but the patient will never be to the level they were prior to the procedure. And in her case I’m wondering … is it really all worth it? Or is it more of the last moments she spends with her family more important?

I am surprised at myself for feeling this way, this somewhat empathy towards her situation for a person whom I really don’t enjoy seeing in the morning. Maybe it is because I feel she has every right to be upset with being in the hospital ….

However, in the end, my opinion only goes by as that of a small intern’s. I wonder how much change I can bring about with that, but overall, I think that this lady needs no longer to be in the hospital.


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