BDIB #5: The maxi skirt

So the next bloggers do it better challenge has been released!!

This one is called the maxi …. from the title obviously, the challenge is to sport the maxi skirt in any way we can think of. I also have a new camera on me so this challenge was double exciting!! (Unfortunately the closest person I had to a personal photographer is now an intern so I barely ever see her and I would feel immensely guilty to ask her to do something like this for me with her time off :-P)

white mini tee: Giordano (a Korean clothing brand), necklaces: Aldo, bracelet: Forever 21, sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction (via, really old brown skirt from Mom
A Photoshop here a Photoshop there, I absolutely adore my new camera!!

Check out other ladies’s ideas here!!!

(Edit: To be frankly honest, I’m not a big fan of maxi skirts …. the above item was probably the closest thing I had to such a long skirt but it is because I feel they’re a bit challenging to monitor – and I’m someone who hates getting her clothes dirty – which is why I rarely wear them …. however, they’re still tremendously flattering when worn correctly and provides you the option to not have to shave for a while hehehehe)


2 thoughts on “BDIB #5: The maxi skirt

  1. meagan says:

    I love that brown skirt!

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